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Read a Bonus Chapter from SOAR

SOAR“Are you having me followed?”
“Of course I am.”
Leia clutched her phone and squeezed her eyes shut. “Jesus, Noah! Do you hear yourself?”
“Loud and clear.”
“What makes you think, now that I know, that I won’t walk up to your man outside and tell him to fuck off?”
“Because he carries a very big gun and you don’t want to piss him off?” he replied.
“God, this is…I don’t want this.”
“You don’t want to be safe?” he growled.
“That’s not what I mean and you know it. Why didn’t you tell me you were having me followed?”
“Because we would’ve had this conversation much sooner than I wanted to have it, which was never. Before you tear into me any further, think about this. Your stepfather, the man who violated you, was barely out of prison before he started threatening you. You think I was going to sit back and let you walk around unprotected?” He sounded so incredulous a layer of her anger abated.
She twirled her finger around the phone cord. “No, but I…I wish you’d talk to me about it first.”
“Fine, we’re talking about it now. Let’s pretend today’s the first day he’s watching over you. Are you okay with that?”
“No, I’m not okay with that. But I accept that you’re looking out for me.”
“And?” he drawled, his voice deep and smoky.
For some stupid reason her heart began to race faster. “And what?”
“And what do I get for going out of my way to ensure you can walk around in that tight green leather skirt that shows way too much thigh, and that body hugging top without some psycho jumping on you?”
She stilled. “Gratitude? You want gratitude for telling me you know exactly what I’m wearing right now?”
“Hell, yeah. And I’ll take it any way you want to give it. As long as it involves you in the same room as me, doing something indecent with your mouth.”
“You mean like eating lunch?” she teased.
He growled.
She laughed, her chest suddenly feeling lighter. “Goodbye, Noah.”
She hung up with his single curse ringing in her ears. Her smile widened as she replaced the handset. Sitting back, she quickly calculated how much time she had before her next meeting. Assessing that she had about two hours to play with, she scrolled through her contacts till she found the number she was looking for.
“Pietro, how quickly can you put together a lunch for two to go?” His response made her smile widen. “You’re a god among men, my friend. I’ll be there in ten minutes. Yes, I know perfection takes more than ten minutes, but I trust you to move mountains.”
She picked up her lunch order and prayed that whoever Noah had watching her wouldn’t spoil the surprise and let him know what she was up to. Then the thought that someone out there had a pair of eyes on her even now, threatened to put a pin in the bubble she’d insulated herself with. The bubble shrank even further when she realized there could be more than one pair of eyes watching her.
Fuck that.
She was through living in fear.
“Where to next, Miss Michaels?”
She summoned a smile for Sol, her driver. “King’s Ransom, Inc. It’s on—”
“I know where Mr. King’s offices are. Traffic is light so we should get there in about fifteen minutes.”
Her bubble completely burst. It re-inflated seconds later, but with anger this time.
By the time she walked toward Maddie, Noah’s receptionist—who didn’t raise a finger to stop her because she probably also knew who she was, and most likely watched Leia too in between answering phone calls—her heart was beating so fast and hard, she couldn’t hear much above its noise.
Maddie started to smile, but changed her mind quickly at Leia’s scowl. “Tell me he’s free. I would hate to embarrass him in front of an important client,” Leia said.
“He’s free, Miss Michaels,” she answered hurriedly.
“Good, please make sure we’re not disturbed for the next five minutes?”
Maddie looked dubious. “Five minutes? Are you sure?”
“Yes. That’s all I’ll need.”
“Make it a solid hour, Maddie.” Noah’s voice came through the intercom, making Leia jump. “Although she likes to pretend she’s quick, Miss Michaels is a typical woman. She’ll need a helluva a lot more than five minutes to make her point.” The intercom buzzed off.
Leia gritted her teeth, fuming further as a flush crept up her face at Maddie’s eyebrow-in-hairline expression. Gripping her handbag tighter, she entered Noah’s office and slammed it behind her.
“Just how many people have you got out there watching me, Mr. King? I was okay with one. Two at a stretch, but you’ve involved Solomon, too?”
Noah relaxed in his chair and eyed the take out bag in her hand. “Is that lunch? Good, I’m starved.”
“Correction. This was your lunch. It’s headed to the trash in T-minus ten seconds.”
His smile was breath-stealing, gorgeous-enough-to-induce-a-coronary lethal. “Ah baby, you’re so sweet to surprise me like this. And the way you’re breathing right now, with your delicious nipples peaking like that, I’m thinking I’ll feast on you first, before I feast on Pietro’s offering.” One hand dropped to his crotch and sure enough, he was hard enough to make a considerable tent in his trousers.
The effect was unnerving enough to rob her of speech for several seconds. Her thighs trembled with the effort it to took to keep herself upright. “Are you taking me seriously?”
He adjusted himself as his bulge grew larger and her mouth flooded with saliva. But looking into his eyes, she saw it wasn’t just arousal clouding his expression. The look he levelled at her was neither playful nor light.
“I’m serious about everything to do with you. I won’t tell you how many people are involved in keeping you safe. The number is irrelevant. Just be satisfied that I’ll do whatever I need to ensure you never fall into that bastard’s hands ever again.”
She blew out an exasperated breath and dumped her purse and the food on the low coffee table. Turning back to him, she placed her hands on her hips, prepared to fight for answers. “Noah—”
“Give it up, baby, you’re not going to win this one.”
A frustrated growl rumbled from her diaphragm. “I never win anything. Not with you.”
He shook his head, his eyes still hard blue diamond chips, ready to bore into her. “That’s not true. I’m yours to win. You own me, body and soul. Until we decide what next level there is for us, I’ll carry on being on my knees for you. Every fucking day and every fucking night.”
The breath shuddered out of her. “That’s not fair.”
He raised his eyebrows. “The truth isn’t fair?”
“You disarm me with words and make me…make me…”
He rolled his chair back and rested his hands on his thighs. “Come here, Leia.”
“Sweetheart, think this through properly. You really want to defy me? Come. Here.”
She shook her head, her pulse elevating when his expression changed. She knew what was coming. What always came when she disobeyed. “No.”
Slowly he rose and strolled to where she stood, shaking.
His hand wrapped around her throat, slightly constricting her breathing. “Let’s rewind things a little bit. Before you got a bee in your bonnet about your security—how did you find out anyway?”
“Sol knew where you worked without my telling him.”
“Ah. Sol.”
She glared at him and he smiled.
“Okay, so two minutes before Sol spilled his guts, probably from you smiling at him, what were your intentions where I was concerned?” he asked.
“I intended to come over and…feed you.”
He kissed the corner of her mouth. “Thank you, baby. That would’ve taken half an hour, give or take. What else did you have in mind after we ate?”
She licked her lips at the memory. “I was going to get on my knees and…” Her blush was so fierce she imagined her face bursting into flames.
“Show my gratitude…with a blow job.”
“Hmm.” He lowered his head again till their lips were a whisper apart. “So lunch and a blow job. What sane man can resist that? But now you’ve blown ten minutes arguing with me. Which means one of those activities will have to be shortened. How much do I hate quickies, baby?” His warm breath tickled her mouth.
“Hmm,” he agreed. “That means I have to punish you. You get that, don’t you?”
Her pussy clenched at the hot, throbbing promise in his voice. “I guess.”
His delicious mouth widened. “How wet are you getting at the idea of being punished?”
She shook her head, that residual shame of just how much she craved this man gnawing at the edge of her consciousness.
“Not going to tell me?”
“What’s the point? You’ll find out soon anyway,” she responded breathlessly.
“You sure about that? I could just use the next forty-five minutes feeding you. You won’t get to suck my cock, and I won’t get to find out how wet your greedy little cunt is. I could leave us both unsatisfied until whenever we decide to pick this up again.”
Her breath stalled. “You wouldn’t!”
He watched her face for a full minute before he stepped back. With sexy indolence, he shrugged off his jacket and hung it over the back of his chair. Turning, he walked to the sofa and sat down. He unloaded the dishes and arranged the napkins and cutlery neatly on the coffee table. “Take off your top.”
“And the skirt too,” he added without looking up.
Very much aware of the ticking clock, she hurried to undress, remembering to breathe when her lungs protested their lack of oxygen. Bending, she picked up her clothes and draped them over the back of the opposite sofa.
And waited.
SOARFinally, he raised his gaze. He stared at her face for a long time, as if mesmerised by whatever he could see there. Then lower to the pulse racing at her throat. Lower still, to her bare breasts, her quivering belly, the top of her plum-coloured French knickers.
His chest expanded and contracted, then he finished his inspection. “Does it still hurt to sit?” he rasped.
Trembling harder with the force of her arousal, she nodded. “A little.” The welts on her ass from his punishment on Sunday stung a little, but she sat anyway. Started to cross her legs. He shook his head. She set both feet down.
“What do we have here?” He nodded to the food.
“Umm…the antipasti is prosciutto with mozzarella and olive oil, and main course is tortellini…”
“Hmm.” His deep voice vibrated over her skin. Her nipples hardened and her clit throbbed with each frantic heartbeat. Blue eyes slid to her and he smiled. “Smells delicious. You think we have time for a starter or shall we progress to the main course?”
She wanted to say to hell with the food. The craving between her legs was already at critical point. But she wanted nothing to prolong the sweet promise of punishment. “Whatever you want.”
One eyebrow spiked. “Whatever I want? You want to suck my cock that badly?”
Her breath shuddered out. She wanted him to lose it. Wanted him to experience an ounce of what he’d given her in the dark parking lot on Sunday. “Yes, Noah.”
A tinge of red slashed over his cheekbones, and his nostrils flared. His engorged cock pressed against his zipper, outlined its thick, heavy demand.
God. She shuddered.
Cutlery rattled as he picked up a fork and opened the box containing tortellini in rich, creamy sauce. He fed her the first bite. The smoked venison wrapped in pasta exploded on her tongue. She moaned.
He took a bite for himself, chewed, his eyes dark and hooded as they rested on her. “Whatever I want. Are you sure about that, Leia?”
She hesitated. They were in his office. With about forty-five minutes to spare before they both had to get on with their day. What could he do to her within that timeframe? Involuntarily, her gaze dropped to this crotch.
A hell of a lot. “Can I amend that to whatever you want as long as I make it to my next meeting on my own two feet?”
One corner of his mouth twitched. He fed her another mouthful. “What time is your meeting?” he asked after she’d swallowed.
She exhaled. “In about ninety minutes.”
His eyelids shuttered and he took another bite. He carried on feeding them both until the box was empty. He poured and passed her a glass of mineral water. She started to drink. He raised his head and Leia caught the full promise of greedy, savage lust in his eyes. Water spluttered from her mouth and down her chin as she choked.
He plucked the glass from her nerveless hand and set it down. Leaning back, he pulled his shirt from his trousers and freed his belt. “If I touch those panties, I’ll rip them. Then I’ll have to spend the rest of the afternoon going nuts at the thought of you walking around with no underwear. So stand up and take them off.”
The sound of his zipper lowering galvanised her into movement. Stumbling, she dropped her panties. It got caught in her heel, but she was too absorbed in the sight of Noah’s thick, beautiful, erect cock to kick it away.
Lifting his hips, he pushed his boxer briefs and trousers to his thighs.
Her mouth and pussy flooded, and urgent need pounded through her bloodstream.
He gritted his teeth. “Shit, that look on your face should not be legal during daylight hours,” he snapped.
She trembled harder. “I…Noah…” God, what the hell was she doing talking? Lunging between his thighs, she fell to her knees. Her mouth dropped to within an inch of his broad, swollen head when his grip in her hair stopped her from reaching her goal. “No! Let me—”
“Leia.” His voice was a sharp command.
Groaning, she raised her head. “What?”
“We don’t have time for this.”
“No! I mean…yes, we do. Please.” Pain exploded along her scalp as she strained to reach him. When he refused to release her, she wrapped both hands around his hot length.
His head slammed against the seat. “Dammit!” Eyes squeezed shut, he inhaled sharply. But he didn’t release his grip in her hair. When he opened his eyes, his pupils were dilated.
Capitalizing on her small victory, she slid one hand between her legs, coated her fingers and palm with her slick wetness, and spread it from the root to the tip of his cock.
She tried to close the gap between her mouth and his cock. His hold tightened. She parted her mouth, licked her lips, and his cock jumped in her hand.
“God…why?” she pleaded when he refused to budge.
His gaze locked on her mouth. “No time.”
She didn’t understand that. But she understood that he liked what she was doing to him. And she loved his excitement. So she pumped him harder, spread the thick drop of liquid that pooled at the tip over his crown. Her throat worked with the hunger to devour him.
Changing her stance, she brushed her left nipple on the tender skin of his balls. Again. And again.
A primal growl filled the room.
Before she could blink, he grabbed her waist and lifted her onto the sofa. He urged her higher. She tilted forward and her knees slammed into the leather on either side of his head.
The first touch of his mouth on her pussy made her gasp in bliss. A hard, merciless suckle on her clit had her crying out. His expert tongue drowned her in pleasure, her head rolling back as her hips gyrated eagerly over his mouth. Already on the brink, he only needed a few flicks to have her climaxing in a tight little scream.
She was still convulsing when he lowered her until she was wide open, a delicious few inches from his rigid length. With his arms curled underneath both thighs, and his hands imprisoning her waist, he looked up into her face, his breathing short and shallow. “Put my cock inside you.”
She didn’t need telling twice. Grabbing him, she guided his hot flesh against her opening. He allowed her to sink down a single inch before he held her back.
“Stay.” The word was barely audible. “Watch.”
Sliding forward in the seat, he widened his stance and lifted his hips. His cock slid slowly inside her. Her hands speared into his hair and gripped tight.
“Ahhh…” Dear God, he filled her. Body. Heart. Soul. Noah’s possession was like nothing else on earth.
“Jesus…so wet. So fucking slick and wet,” he groaned.
He drew out. Ploughed back in. Buried himself until his pelvis ground against her clit. Then he raised his head and locked eyes with her.
Possession. Hot and heavy, accompanied each thrust. He absorbed her every gasp, her every groan as his own. His right. And gave a hundred-fold back in shameless bliss.
She finally understood what he’d meant by not enough time. He fucked her slow and relentlessly. Dragged her to the edge, held her there, then shoved her into nirvana. Then he patiently waited for each of her orgasms to subside before he started again. By the fourth, she was coated in sweat and ready to collapse in a useless heap.
“One more, baby,” he crooned in her ear when she sobbed for mercy. “One more. Then you can go.”
He lowered her onto the sofa, and hooked her thighs over his shoulders. He rolled his hips, changing angles until he hit that decadent spot between pleasure and pain. He stroked that edge over and over until she was once again an incoherent mess.
Then he gripped her nape. “Do it, baby. You know what I want.”
She sucked in and held her breath. Ten seconds. Twenty. His eyes darkened as he watched her pleasure build. Leia felt the encroaching storm through the pounding of her heart. Struggled to hold on for a little longer. Her lungs burned. Her whole body throbbed around the power of his cock. She forced herself not to exhale. Hold on. Hold on.
Slowly, he lowered his head to her ear. “You. Are. Fucking. Amazing.”
He raised his head and looked deep into her eyes and rammed into her. He teeth bared as he held himself on the edge of control.
Her climax detonated from a different place. Deep within her soul. It burst free with a flash of lightning, which burned from the inside out. Her scream was unfettered and raw. She was sure anyone in the near vicinity would hear. But she didn’t care. She was exactly where her heart demanded she be. With the man she craved more than her next breath.
The rest of what was going on her life was so much bullshit right this minute. With another scream she embraced oblivion.
Gentle fingers brushed her hair from her damp face. “Wake up, Leia. Your driver is bringing your car round to the front.”
She opened her eyes.
Noah was fully dressed and crouched beside where she lay prone on the sofa. In his other hand, he held a towel. Her body felt cool, decidedly less sweaty, and her panties were back on.
Dear God, had she passed out?
His smile at her deep blush answered her silent question. He caressed her face, then rose to collect her clothes. It was as he was zipping up her skirt that she noticed he was still fully erect.
She frowned. “Noah?”
He raised an eyebrow. “Hmm?” he responded after he’d fixed her hair.
“You didn’t…umm.”
His forefinger drifted over her lower lip, then he leaned down and kissed her cheek. “I got what I needed, baby.”
She raised her hands and gripped his waist. “Are you sure? I can—”
“No, I told you, I got what I needed. It’s time for you to go.” He stepped back.
She stumbled slightly, still shaken by the experience. Picking up her handbag, she headed for the door.
She turned.
“Are we agreed that you’ll let me protect you?” he demanded.
Shakily, she nodded.
He waited.
“Yes, Noah.”
He exhaled, and she realised how tense he’d remained over the issue. Her heart kicked hard. She wanted to go to him. Kiss him. Tell him how much she loved him. But that would open an entirely different can of worms. So she kept her mouth shut. Watched him nod and return to his desk.
“Good.” He sat and pinned her with those electric blue eyes. “We’ll pick this up again later. You still owe me a blow job. You remember how I like it, right?”
She cleared her throat. “Deep. Hard. No hands.”
His smile was pure, indecent filth. “Good girl.”

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